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Our vision is to encourage the next generation of youth to build strong character and skill, and motivate them to find their true passion in life. If you’d like to see if your child would make a good fit in our FC GARRA teams, contact us today for tryout times, practices, and game schedules. We look forward to helping your child grow their skills as a player, and more importantly the content of their character.

Recreational (U4–U7)

(4 year olds through 6 year olds)

This is the perfect time to introduce your child to the beautiful game of soccer. The youngest of our Garra players focus on motivation, encouragement, and strong character building. These recreational teams will practice 2 times a week and will participate in 4 motivational events with our FC GARRA staff members. We promise a fun and inspiring environment where they will begin to experience the meaning of passion and accountability ON and OFF the field.

Academy (U8–U10)

(7 year olds through 9 year olds)

Our Academy program is the best way to keep your child motivated through the beautiful game of soccer. Our program will refine your child’s technical skills and improve their physical and psychological on-the-field skills as well. This program also focuses on integrity and sportsmanship in the young adult. Needless to say, it focuses on building strong character such as commitment, teamwork, and consistent focus on grit in order to forge unshakable character. Our young Garra players will be challenged and motivated as we instill a passion for soccer and success.

Select (U11–U19)

(10 year olds through 18 year olds)

Nurturing determination and passion. Our program is the best way to prepare your young adult child for the challenges and experiences of playing collegiate FUTBOL. At this level, we work very hard to inspire and motivate our young Garra adults to pursue their dreams. We help them get warmed up to the process with a combination of motivating life coaches. Also, if they wish to pursue a career in professional soccer, we help our players apply and get on the radar, and open up opportunities to brighten their future. Our program will inspire, motivate, and empower our young Garra adults with the skills, passion, and knowledge needed to survive in the real world.

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