Why is soccer the World’s Best Sport?

There is simply no arguing: soccer is the most popular sport in the world. According to the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), 270 million people worldwide participate in the sport. That’s 265 million men and women heading to the pitch, and another five million referees, coaches, and other officials. Naturally, if the sport wasn’t great, not nearly as many would play it. But Why is soccer the world’s best sport?

For starters, when you look at sports that are popular in the United States, one thing that might stand out is the equipment that is needed. American football players need helmets, shoulder pads, leg pads, goal posts, and an unusual ball. Baseball players need less, but that still includes something to mark the bases, a bat, helmets, and padding for the umpire and catcher.

Soccer is easy to get going. So long as you have a ball about the right size, a clear piece of land, and four objects to mark out goals, you can have a soccer game. No expensive padding needed, no huge metal goal posts, you don’t even need a specialized ball. This reason is nothing, however, compared to what soccer actually makes you feel.

There is something about soccer that makes the crowd go absolutely wild.

During World Cup seasons, it’s not uncommon for entire cities to shut down completely and turn into one huge party. During the 2014 World Cup, driving through cities in competing countries didn’t require you to have a radio on to follow the game, as every time a score happened the buildings all around would simply erupt with cheers at a deafening decibel.

That excitement isn’t reserved for just the fans, though. Because the sport allows any player to race up and down the field and run the chance of scoring a goal, both sides stay on edge and when one lucky player manages to get past the other team and their goalie, the feeling that player gets to experience is like nothing else. Pride, joy, not to mention the reverberation as the crowd cheers loud enough to send the Richter scale flying.

What we saw during the 2014 World Cup was a world brought together around a single sport.

Those that couldn’t make it to the games themselves turned on the TV to watch, in numbers reaching the hundreds of millions. Hostile tensions that plague some South American countries were put on hold as the the teams faced each other. Soccer has shown itself to be not only a source of pride for residents throughout the world, but a means to unite the world under one common theme.

These feelings of joy, of excitement, of anticipation and utter exuberance are great to get in on at a young age. Our mission as a Futbol Club is to bring kids together to learn the sport, and give them motivation and inspiration not just on the field, but off the field. To find out how you can get involved, contact us.

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