Never Give Up on Your Passion

All too often in life we face obstacles that seem unable to be overcome. From that challenging homework assignment, to witnessing your parents go through a divorce, youth in America are facing challenges that were unheard of for children just a few generations ago, and facing those head-on can make quitting seem like the right route. Why fight?

It’s hard to wrap our minds around it, but the great men and women of history were once right in our shoes, kids going through the struggles of life.

And when they saw those struggles, they viewed them as things blocking them from reaching their full potential, preventing them from going after their passion in life, and they fought harder.

They weren’t always successful, we all face failure from time to time, but the important take-away is to get right back up and fight again. One hero, Michael Jordan, is known for his prowess on the basketball court. However, that wasn’t always the case. Growing up in Wilmington, North Carolina, Jordan was cut from his basketball team. However, instead of letting that feeling bother him, he got right back up and tried again, and again, and again. Eventually his dream came true and he managed to turn his love for the game into a career, and the sports sensation we know today.

Soccer isn’t free from these kinds of inspirational stories.

Lionel Messi, world renowned soccer player, was diagnosed with a hormone deficiency at the age of 11, after he’d grown to love the beautiful game. Hormone deficiency has the effect on limiting the height and weight of those it affects, two valuable traits of traditionally talented players. Once again, instead of letting that bad hand deal him a limited experience, he redoubled his efforts. He practiced more, and learned techniques that would turn his size from a disadvantage to an advantage. As any soccer fan can tell you, he succeeded very well in that, becoming one of, if not the, best, most loved and followed soccer players in the world.

Not everyone has the drive or perseverance naturally to face life’s obstacles, but the sport of soccer with dedicated, motivational coaches can help.

Team sports have been shown to give a boost of confidence to a child, and that can lead to an undying drive towards one’s passion. FC Garra isn’t just a soccer club, it’s a program established to motivate and inspire children to strive for their passions so that the kids of tomorrow have even better and more inspiring heroes to look-up to.

To find out how you or your child can participate, contact us.

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