Our Vision

To encourage the next generation of youth to build strong character and skill, and motivate them to find their true passion in life. FC GARRA is a club like no other. We use soccer as a tool to unlock the true potential within the children by empowering them with the knowledge, the skills, and the passion to create a foundation of success. We train leaders and change lives.

As a nonprofit, we are creating bold characters for the soccer future in San Antonio by providing a long lasting value to your child’s life. FC GARRA strives to coach and teach each student athlete not only the best soccer techniques and skills, but also the importance of passion, hard work, leadership, sacrifice, commitment, integrity, and giving to and helping those in need. There is a distinction between a traditional soccer club and what we do at FC GARRA.

Come to our practice sessions and see it for yourself!

Our Story

We have a personal story to share here. Back in our “High School times” we met one of the best, most talented soccer players we had ever known – We will call him Joe (in order to protect his identity). Joe was a very skilled and passionate soccer player. He was a great person and was very loved and esteemed in his community.

Although he was only a freshman, everyone in the city knew he would soon be playing pro. Despite all this, Joe’s success was short lived. He started doing drugs and surrounding himself with the wrong crowd, and this behavior ultimately led him to his demise and also to abandon his soccer dreams, his life, and his joy.

This story really stuck with us. So we asked ourselves: What are gifts and talents if we don’t know how to exploit them the right way? Who doesn’t personally know or has heard of a gifted kid with great potential and future who loses it to addictions and poor choices? It is not just about kicking a soccer ball, scoring, or winning games, it is much more than that.

Stories such as the one above made us realize that you don’t have to win every soccer game, but you should win in the game called life. FC GARRA has changed many lives and wants to continue making a difference in the community.

Our Passion

Our founding principles are universal. To the millions of Spanish speaking fans of Futbol, “Garra” means “Passion.” Vamos a jugar con Garra = Let’s play with Heart, Guts, and Passion.

There are times in life when you fall down and you feel like you don’t have the strength to get back up. It always seems and feels impossible to get back up, but it’s actually not. GARRA teaches us to get up and keep trying again, again, and again until we reach SUCCESS. We are all about PASSION.

San Antonio! Let’s leave politics, money, and power behind … and concentrate on our youth. They are the leaders of today. They are our future!

Our Program

Instead of boring you with multiple lines and paragraphs of details about how awesome and unique our program is, we would like to invite you to come out to one of our practices or events (contact us to schedule your appearance in our events). Feel the difference in the atmosphere and see with your own eyes how different, professional, skilled, uplifting, intense, and fun our trainings and events are. Here are a couple of things you can expect from our training sessions.

  • Quick Decision Making

    Our coaching staff trains our young athletes to increase their muscle memory and reflexes. Our coaches are vested into training the young to learn the art of focus and summon it at will. Along with our Executive Board, our DOC has created an intense training that will awaken your child's passion for the beautiful game.

  • Passion

    We are all powerful. Question is: Where are we putting our powerful attention? Our Director of Coaching has created an intense training that will awaken your kid's passion for the game by carefully generating a positive and inspiring atmosphere during our practice sessions. We promise after every session, your child will be more empowered than ever before.

  • See The Difference

    "Each training session has been created to teach your child the correct technique, skill, power, agility, and finesse. These qualities combined with passion and making quick decisions will maximize your child's potential." – Lizardo Buleje

Feeling inspired? Find out more about FC GARRA today.

“As kids we did nothing more than play soccer out in the street, kick every stone we found on the way home, watch World Cups, and visit soccer stadiums to eagerly cheer for our favorite team.”

Our Executives


Lizardo Buleje


Coach Miguel is a successful young entrepreneur, investor and motivational speaker with 9 years of experience in the soccer business. His vision with the club is not only to improve and master our kids’ soccer skills, but also to emphasize in personal development while incorporating the act of ‘giving back’ to one’s community.


Brian Maher


Coach Maher is truly an inspiration to all of us. He’s not only well-respected and loved by our entire community, but also has 15 years of coaching experience and has been awarded and recognized as the ‘Coach of the Year’. He eats, breaths and sleeps soccer and is now bringing his experience and expertise to our club.


Rey Torres


Coach Rey is a successful business owner with experience as Sr. Vice-President of Operations and Regional Directors of Admissions for different companies. He’s also served as a board member to many nonprofit organizations and is now bringing his expertise and over 10 years of youth soccer coaching experience to our club.


Dona Witt


Dona is a devoted wife, a magnificent mother of 2 and a successful business owner. She has found interest in soccer through her son’s passion for the sport, and she is now bringing her expertise in business and the act of ‘giving back’ to our club. She’s the glue that holds our Executive Board together.

“We are very passionate about everything we do – from our practices and soccer games, to our motivational speaking events, to our community volunteering, and helping our youth reach success on and off the field.”

Community Service

We, at FC GARRA, believe that community service is an integral part of youth life. Now, some have a natural liking to it, while others have to be introduced to it. The nature of our work demands us to serve the community through what we have learned. For this reason, we have partnered with many different nonprofit organizations in and around our community.

Our society needs more leaders to leave a positive mark in this world. We are here to create those leaders.

Garrathon is a motivational and inspirational event that was created by our Executive Board. They have organized a cool and entertaining soccer-related motivational session followed by our hands-on volunteering with one of our nonprofit organization partners. Garrathon was created for many reasons, but mainly to celebrate the leaders we are guiding.

“We want to touch lives and be part of your child’s success. We are inspired and motivated to create a positive and uplifting atmosphere, and give our youth the best tools to succeed in life as they learn the importance of offering someone a helping hand.” – Lizardo Buleje

Our Non-Profit Organization Partners

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